Font files update

Thanks to one of the feedbacks received regarding the font set, it has come to my attention that some fonts (MOOD, MOOD Outline, MOOD MKII and MOOD MKII Outline) have been uploaded with a configuration issue in their files. This issue would cause the fonts to appear broken on the Font Viewer and in some programs as well.
I have updated the files fixing this error and further testing them to avoid any other misconfiguration. The updated .ttfs have been uploaded and if you have already downloaded and installed them, I ask you to reinstall the fonts using the new files to avoid any problem when using them.

Note: the new configuration may change font spacing and appearance in projects where they've been previously applied. If you reinstall them, please be sure to review any instances where said fonts are in use to avoid incongruities.


MOOD.ttf 34 kB
Mar 08, 2022
MOOD Outline.ttf 51 kB
Mar 08, 2022
MOOD MKII.ttf 51 kB
Mar 08, 2022
MOOD MKII Outline.ttf 77 kB
Mar 08, 2022

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I am terribly sorry for letting this go unnoticed and hope this update can reach everyone that have already downloaded the font.
PS.: over 1k downloads by the way! Huge thanks for everyone that enjoyed and acquired any of my work, specially those that did it through the Bundle for Ukraine!